About Mounira Mansour in English

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About Mounira Mansour in English

You might know Mounira from her job as a Co-host on the Dutch RTL4 TV-show ‘Life is Beautiful’, next to this she is an online influencer, actress, owner of family jacket label Amsterdam Hustle and the mother of a beautiful 5 year old boy and baby girl. Together with her family she lives a fast life, where they cherish every moment spend together but also love to do things separately. As long as the kids come first.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I try to always look feminine with an urban touch. I’m from Amsterdam and can easily bring my son to school in my pajama’s and then come home, get dressed, do my hair and make-up and look like a complete different me.

As a busy mom how do you combine motherhood with your career?

You just don’t think about it too much. Just go with the flow and don’t take yourself too seriously. Just live and laugh every day or else you are not living your life to the fullest. The key thing is to live the way you want to live and not how other people expect you to.

If the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself but there’s no way you can balance this with being a fulltime mom, what would you do? Dream job or family?

I have a 5 year old son and a babygirl. They would not understand why mommy is suddenly gone or too busy. That’s why I would always choose my kids first, even if that would mean that I can’t have my dreamjob. But it is 2016. Why can’t I have both? If possible, I would just take them with me all around the world. I can’t be happy without my kids, or knowing that they don’t have me by their side.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Mayonnaise. I combine a very healthy lifestyle with mayonnaise. I can put mayonnaise on anything I eat and I can even eat it straight out of the jar. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s true

Which fashion mom you look at for inspiration?

No one… really. Instagram is my inspiration but no one in particular.

What is the best part about being a mom?

It’s very cheesy to say, but my kids bring so much joy. More than anything I could ever imagine. I love spending time with them and all my free time goes to them. Only when they’re at school/ or after bedtime, I’m available for my friends and my social life.

What inspires you most in life and where do you find creativity?

I love people who are also creative and do all kinds of different things. I can’t settle with just one job. I love doing many things: blogging, presenting, acting. But also at home I love to cook, love to play with my kids and love to decorate.

Are there any fun (childhood) traditions that you share with your kids?

We made our own traditions! We order pizza every Tuesday. And every weekend they are allowed to stay up and then we watch a family movie. We sometimes also dress the same with the whole family.

What’s currently on your reading list? Favorite book(s) of all time? About Mounira Mansour in English

Nothing I would really love to read right now, but these days I’m more in to watching series online.

What keeps you relaxed in stressful times? Describe your ultimate Me-time moment.

I think as a mom you should have plenty of ‘me’time, just to be a better person, a better wife and a kick ass mom. Almost every night we have family or friends over after the kids bedtime. I allready planned our trip to Malta so I know that there will be some major relaxing ahead. And of course I’m a girly girl. I love getting my nails done (with my daughter), do my hair and always dress to impress. I keep my confidence high so I can’t get distracted easily by negative people. Oh and since I have kids, I don’t go to every event, I think events are very time consuming and sometimes stressful, so I avoid this type of thing.

How do you stay healthy? Are there any beauty and lifestyle tips you would like to share?

Well it’s very simple things such as: Don’t always put on pants. Just try to wear thights and a nice dress more often. Put on some make-up and do your hair every day. If you look good, you feel good. You don’t like what you see in the mirror? Don’t complain but take matters in your own hands. No one will do it for you. You are the only one that can make yourself happy from the inside out.

Is there anything you love to wear but your partner simply hates? And the other way around, is there anything in your partners wardrobe you would love to see mysteriously disappear.

Nope we both love to walk around in our pajama’s when we don’t have to leave the house. And we both love to dress up once we do leave the house.

What is your favorite holiday destination with kids?

I’m very excited for our next holiday trip. We are going to the Palace Hotel in Malta. It’s a very luxurious hotel. We work hard so we like to spoil ourselves a little bit once in a while. And of course going on a holiday without the kids would also be amazing. Just having quality time with each other. But we are the kind of parents who simply cannot leave them for a couple of days, we would miss them too much. That’s why we are doing the family vacay ( forever ).

A decade ago would you have pictured your life as it is now?

I dreamed about it since I was little. And I never gave up on believing that there would come a day where I would live in a beautiful house, with a husband, kids and have great opportunities. Now I do have all these things and I’m very grateful because it has been a very hard and long road with lot’s of disappointments to get where I’m today. I always keep a positive attitude and look forward. Why would you look back? You can’t change the past but you can work on your future.

Can you name 10 things (in no particular order) you couldn’t live without?

1 My husband, 2 kids, 3 Mayonnaise, 4 My way too expensive lipstick that I order from Dubai, 5 Little black dress, 6 My phone, 7 Friends, 8 Family, 9 Latte Macchiato, 10 Holland.

What advice would you give working moms who struggle with stress, a busy job, and family, career and time for yourself?

I think that you should ask yourself: what gives me stress? And, if possible do something about that. The busy job, family, and time for yourself are just things you have to be very grateful for and appreciate.

Which mom would you like to introduce for the next talks with and why?

I would say Chantal Bles. She is a fashion stylist with a newborn baby. I’m very curious how she combines everything since the birth of Jade.

About Mounira Mansour in English

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